Video Converter Toolbar

Video Converter Toolbar

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Video Converter Toolbar is a useful add-on for your browsers. Its main goal is to help you quickly find the conversion tools that you need on the REGNAM web site. This application works with some of the most popular web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, so you shouldn’t encounter any compatibility issues.

A big plus for this program is that it offers several additional features designed to keep you entertained and help you save time. Video Converter Toolbar offers quick access to websites like YouTube and applications like Skype, so that you can easily stay connected with your on-line world.

What I really like is that Video Converter Toolbar provides you with solutions on how to spend your free time. The program offers a large selection of free on-line games that will prove to be a really entertaining. Furthermore, it displays a comprehensive list of TV stations that you can watch over the Internet.

Another advantage, although it is a pretty standard function, is that the settings of the application allow you to customize the buttons displayed on the toolbar. This is important as it helps you save some workspace by eliminating the buttons that you don’t use frequently.

In my opinion, Video Converter Toolbar is a convenient browser add-on that is worth having. Even though it has small issue with the tooltips, which don’t work for several buttons, this application offers a lot of handy functions and is free to use, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it out.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It offers a large selection of online games
  • This tool provides a list of TV stations that you can watch online
  • The program offers quick ways to access YouTube, Skype and other popular websites
  • It features a powerful search engine


  • The tooltips for several buttons don't work
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